Out Alive The Survival Card Game

You and your friends are out on a backpacking trip and everyone gets separated from each other and lost in the wilderness.  You have to each acquire the items to build a shelter and a fire.  Find water and food to sustain you long enough to signal the rescue helicopter.  Be careful not to get any injuries along the way.

 Who will survive long enough to be the first person rescued?



Be the first person to acquire all 4 survival items, (Water, Shelter, Food, and Fire) and signal the rescue helicopter.


4 Rescue cards, 18 Survival item cards, 59 Tool cards, 7 Injury cards, (2) Rule cards


Shuffle the deck and deal 2-4 players each 7 cards face down.  Place remaining deck in the center of the table and turn top card over and start another pile for the discarded cards.  Every player picks up the cards dealt to them, do not show other players what cards you have.

You can combine two decks for more players.

Round 1

Player to the left of the dealer goes first.  Place any hand of green survival cards in front of you if you have all the blue items it requires.

Continue clockwise until each player has had a turn.

Round 2 and beyond

After the first round, at the beginning of each turn, player draws 2 cards off the deck in the center of table, or draws 1 card off the deck and 1 card off the top of the discard pile.

(Note: player can only draw 1 card off the discard pile per turn.)

Continue to place any survival cards down in front of you.  At the end of your turn player must discard 1 card onto the discard pile.

If a player runs out of cards in their hand they must still place one card on the discard pile at the end of their turn.  The player can pick up any cards in front of them they have already laid down.  Continue playing, drawing 2 cards at the beginning of their turn, and discarding 1 card at the end of their turn.

Winning the Game

Once a player has all 4 survival items (Water, Shelter, Food, and Fire) placed in front of them and they do not have any injury cards placed in front of them, “See Injury for details” they can play the signal card and mirror to signal the helicopter and they are rescued, winning the game.

Injury card

On your turn, place an injury card in front of 1 other player, they can continue playing cards but cannot place a signal card until they mend the injury with the required items.  A player can have multiple injury cards placed in front of them.  After the player acquires the required items to mend the injury, on their turn, discard the injury cards onto discard pile and continue playing, picking up 2 cards at the beginning of turn and discarding 1 card at the end of turn.

(Example: if hypothermia was placed in front of you, you would lose your fire card and whatever cards to make the fire.)



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